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About Patient Voices Network

The Patient Voices Network is a group of patients from underserved neighborhoods in the City of Buffalo who advocate for ourselves and others. Our vision is to create “A community of educated and involved patients working hand in hand with physicians in making decisions about their own health care.” Since 2010, we have worked with researchers from the University at Buffalo’s Primary Care Research Institute and the Clinical and Translational Science Institute.

How We Began

In 2010, many of us were recruited to participate in a research study to help create a cancer screening intervention. We worked with a research team at UB and found that there were many gaps between providers’ knowledge and our ability to participate in cancer prevention. Together, we were able to work with researchers, doctors, and our practices to help create solutions for patients like us to get screened. After the project ended, we said- “What’s next?” and the rest is history!

We believe that patients have a voice and it should be used to help create better health outcomes. We work with researchers to create real life solutions to very real problems. Together, we can create a healthier community!

Some noteworthy projects include: integrating mobile mammography with primary care, creating an Appointment Planning Worksheet (APW), and working with other patients on how to get the most of your 15 minutes with your doctor. We believe that by partnering with researchers, we can make a difference!

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We’re located at

Clinical & Translational Research Center (CTRC)
875 Ellicott St.
Buffalo, NY 14203

T: Call us at (716) 816-7219
F: (716) 845-6899